GST Admission 2023 Circular 2022-23 PDF Download

GST has issued an admission circular. This circular has been published for the admission of honors first year students. For those who will be admitted in the first year of honors, GST has decided to take the test in bunch form. GST Admission Notification 2023 has been published for the purpose of taking cluster test.

Those who are interested in its admission can download this circular. GST circular has been published on our website. This circular is very important for honors first year students. Because GST is a blessing for those who did not survive in different universities initially.

The University of Bangladesh will conduct the GST examination in association with the University of Science and Technology. And in this exam students will get the opportunity to get admission in specific university according to their merit and result through an application.

So those who need GST Admission Notification 2023 can easily download this Admission Notice from our website. You can see below our website to download the admission notification.

GST University Admission Official Website

Every year a large number of students from Bangladesh are admitted in the first year of honors. There is fierce competition in every university. Students rush from one end of the country to the other to get admission in a particular university. Because they have to participate in the admission test and survive the test.

Doing all this can cost a student a lot of money and time. Therefore, measures have been taken in 2023 so that students can apply for admission in 20 universities of Bangladesh through an application. Students who wish to be admitted to the first year of honors should download the admission notification.

GST Admission Circular PDF Download

And you will all understand through the admission notification. And if you don’t understand, each university and university of science and technology are posted separately on our website. You can take a look at them if you want. And you can get rid of the confusion between you regarding admission.

Students have been under house arrest for a long time due to the global epidemic coronavirus. Their education system has been shut down. GST will be administered in batches so that students do not fall into the public health hazards. Students will be able to apply to a specific unit as per their HSC category.

Through this application a student will be able to make a final application from primary. Moreover, if students want more detailed information, they can download the admission notice. Then they will understand very well as soon as they read the admission notice.

In the admission notification, the issues of distribution of examination, rules of primary application, rules of final application, time of final application, time of primary application, etc. have been mentioned very nicely. So you can know all the details by downloading the admission notification.

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In the GST admission process, students in the humanities department have to apply in A unit, students in commerce department in B unit and students in science department in C unit. Initially they have to apply this. Once the initial application is completed, their merit list will be prepared on the basis of GPA of HSC and SSC.

All the students who will be selected for the final application in the merit list will have to make the final application within the stipulated time. Once the final application is completed, they have to download the admission card within the stipulated time.

And they will have to go to the designated test center, the test will be held on a specific day. Subsequently, on the basis of their SSC and HSC results and final examination results, they will be given the opportunity to be admitted to a particular university of their choice.

So those who want to be admitted in the first year of honors should download this circular from our website. After downloading the circular from our website, if you don’t understand anything, let us know in the comment box. We will explain those things nicely. You will find the rules, application process and details of the exams that will be held on our website.