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Eid Namaz Niyat, Niom, Doa for Chele & Meye

Eid Mubarak 😄. Eid ul fitr is coming in Bangladesh on May 25. This day will be celebrated with great Amazement and devotion. Muslim people perform Namaz on this day. And the Namaz of this day is known as Eid namaz.

For performing this Namaz you must know the Niyat, niom and dua of Eid Namaz. This prayer has different rules for Chele & meye.

Are you looking for Eid namaz Niyat niyam and dua? Then you are on the right place. We are going to provide you with appropriate method of performing Eid namaz. by reading this article you will learn the proper manner of performing Eid Jamat.

What is Eid Namaz?

Two Eid are celebrated by Muslim. Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha are the two main festival of Muslim people. Main attraction of those festivals are namaj. Muslim perform prayer on that morning with huge number of people. That is called Eid salat/Namaj.

Eid ul Fitr is knocking at the door of Bangladeshi Muslim. On Eid day, they usually gather in Eidgah. Eidgah is the standard place for doing Eid namaj.

But this year because of coronavirus lockdown, all the Muslim are requested to perform Eid namaz at there nearby mosque. This is because to maintain social gathering. Social distancing is the very important thing to avoid coronavirus.

According to the request of Islamic Foundation Bangladesh, Bangladesh Muslim are going to celebrate this Eid in different way. And they are going to to perform their Eid namaz at their mosque instead of Eidgah.

Eid Namaz Niyat

In order to perform Eid namaz you must know Niyat of Namaz. Without it you cannot do your Eid prayer. As you are going to perform your Eid namaz at your mosque, you have to memorize it yourself.

Eid Namaz Niom

Do you know the proper Niom of performing Eid namaz? if you don’t know then you should learn it as soon as possible. Because Eid ul Fitr prayer is knocking at your door.

This time you can’t go to Eidgah. That’s why you must have to perform Eid namaz in your mosque or home. In order to do that you need to learn the niom for Eid namaz.

Here we are going to show you step by step process of performing Eid namaz. And it is our expectation that you know some basics of Namaz. By the way let’s think that you don’t know anything about it.

Eid Namaz Munajat

After completing Eid namaz Muslim people prayer to their Almighty Allah. And it is called Munajat of Eid namaz. Do you know that? Don’t know! Then learn it from below.

Generally Moulavi, who guided or lead all the Muslim of Eidgah, perform himself the Munajat and all the Muslims have to you recite accordingly. But this time everything will be different.

So we are going to show you the proper & correct Munajat of Eid namaz.

Eid Namaz Dua

Like Eid namaz Munajat you have to perform Eid namaz Dua. It is compulsory part of Eid prayer. You must do it. It is the time to to pray to almighty Allah for forgiving us. Because you have completed 30 days of Ramadan with great devotion.

Mosjid Eid Namaz Niom, Niyat & Munajat

This year Muslims are going to perform their Eid namaz at their masjid. We are going to show you Niom, niyat, Munajat of Eid namaj at masjid.

Eid Namaz Niyat, Niom, Munajat & Doa

Frequently Asked Questions

You have many questions about Eid namaz. We are going to answer these questions here.

ঈদের নামাজ পড়ার নিয়ম

কিভাবে ঈদের নামাজ পড়বো

ছেলেদের ঈদের নামাজের নিয়ম

মেয়েদের ঈদের নামাজের নিয়ম

ঈদের নামাজের নিয়ত

ঈদের নামাজের মোনাজাত

ঈদের নামাজের দোয়া

ঈদের নামাজ কিভাবে পড়বো

বাড়িতে কিভাবে ঈদের নামাজ পড়বো

মসজিদে ঈদের নামাজ পড়ার নিয়ম

Final Words

We hope our article on Eid namaj guided you in proper manner. People are not above error. So if you find any error in our article then please our concentration by commenting below in the comment section. And we will try our best for editing that.

Thank you very much for reading our article. Please share this with your friends on Facebook. Eid Mubarak. Have a nice Eid!

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