E Ticket Railway Gov BD Registration 2022 eticket.railway.gov.bd

E Ticket Railway Gov BD Registration 2022 eticket.railway.gov.bd

Dear Visitors, This post has been posted on our website today for those of you who travel occasionally on Bangladesh Railway and buy tickets for intercity trains. Earlier, in case of ticketing, you used to go to a specific website and go there and buy tickets or buy tickets through apps. However, the previous rule has been completely abolished and according to the new rules, ticketing system has been introduced on the new website. So first of all you have to get acquainted with the ticketing website and the address of this website is given on our website.


When you get the address of the website from here, you will copy this address and enter it from any browser. The current website for Bangladesh Railway Ticket Cutting System is https://eticket.rancil.gov.bd/. Here you can buy tickets for any place in the country and in this case you must try in advance to buy tickets.

Because of the large number of seats according to the number of seats in different trains of Bangladesh Railway, tickets are sold immediately without tickets and many times you may travel on the railway without getting a ticket. However, if you can learn this rule from here today, then you will be able to buy a ticket online by entering online shortly after leaving the ticket. However, in order to buy a ticket at any time, you must register with your email address and other information before entering this website.


To register you have to go to the mentioned website and when you go there go to menu option. After going to the menu option, you will provide the correct information in each of the forms that will come in front of you. First give your name and email address and give your mobile number. Then you need to create a profile with a strong password. Later, if you want to give the number of the national identity card as your identity or the number of the birth registration certificate, you will get the option and select the option and provide the required number there.

This will bring an OTP to your phone and you will be able to complete the registration by following the other steps by entering the OTP code in the right place. However, in order to complete the restoration, you will have to enter the email address provided by you and click on the option to click to complete the registration. In case of ticketing, when you enter the above mentioned website, a homepage will appear in front of you and from there your ticketing process will start.

Select where you want to travel from and after selecting it specify the date of your trip. Then, specifying which class of carriage or class you want to travel in will take you to the next page and you will know which trains will run on that day according to the mentioned date. Select the train according to your travel time and the bogie option will come up when entering the train.

Enter the carriage where you will get the seat according to your convenience, select the seat, follow the next step and cut the ticket. Those who want to pay by debit or credit card should do so or download through bKash and download the PDF file after completing the ticketing. If you don’t understand any information about ticketing, you can report it on our website.