DU A (KA) Unit MCQ Question Solution 2021Dhaka University Admission

DU A (KA) Unit MCQ Question Solution 2023 Dhaka University Admission Test

If you have participated in the admission test of A unit of Dhaka University in 2023 and want to get the solution of this A unit admission test questions, then you can get the solution from our website in a very easy way. As soon as the test was held, we immediately looked at this question paper and prepared the solution for the experienced teachers and gave it to you.For those who are confused about a question and wondering if that answer will be the right one, you can take a look at the solution to this dilemma. It will be very useful for you and it will allow you to be sure how many numbers you can get.


Dhaka University Admission Question Solution 2023

Although the MCQ and Retain exams have a pass mark of 40, those who get good marks after that will get a chance in the merit list. So take a look at the solution to this question and make sure to confirm the name in your position or merit list. Below is the Dhaka University A Unit Admission Cochrane Solution 2023 for you.In 2023, the A unit examinations of Dhaka University are held simultaneously in the departmental cities all over the country. The test is held on the morning of October 1. Applying students from all over the country participate in this test in a timely manner. Many have done well in the exam and many have answered many questions with confusion. So for those of you who think that the answer to that confusion question will be correct, our website has come up with a solution to the unit A question.

DU B (KHA) Unit Question Solution 2023 Dhaka University Admission test

DU MCQ Question Solution 2023

You can see the solution of this A unit question and understand how many marks you can get in the exam. Since you took the test and your test went well, I don’t think you need to look for a solution to this question. Even after that, those who think that the answer to your question may be wrong, can look at the solution of the unit A question to get rid of their inner worries.

DU Question Solution 2023

In the A unit examination held at Dhaka University, 100 marks examination was held. Here MCQ and written test are conducted in two steps. However, it has been decided by the university that a student can pass if he gets at least 24 marks in mcq. And if the student gets 12 marks in the written question, then he will get the pass number. Moreover, if a student gets 40 marks out of the total 100 marks in both written and mcq, he will be able to pass and those who get higher marks will get a place in the merit list.

DU KA Unit MCQ Question Solution

Those who have taken the Unit A exam will have the opportunity to study in the subjects that the Faculty of Science has. So those who have prepared for their day A unit exams and passed the exams properly will definitely get a chance. Our website will have good wishes for all the candidates who have worked hard from the beginning to the end and are likely to pass the exam properly.Considering the corona situation in the whole country, the examinations of Dhaka University are held in the departmental cities of the country. However, this year has been an exception, though examinations are held every year on the campus of Dhaka University and other centers in the vicinity.These examinees have appeared in the examination center in compliance with the hygienic rules and have completed the examination by participating in their MCQ and return examinations. For those who participated in the test, 0.25 marks will be deducted from the correct answer for each wrong question.

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So many of those who took the test and took the test wanted to get the A unit questions solved. Thinking about these examinees, we have solved the questions of unit A on our website and you can take a look at it if you want. If you want to know any information about the results of Dhaka University A unit examination, stay with our website.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJG-TJFnifAGood luck to all.