DU B (KHA) Unit Question Solution 2021 Dhaka University Admission test 2020-21

DU B (KHA) Unit Question Solution 2022 Dhaka University Admission test 2020-21

If you are looking for a solution to the B unit of Dhaka University, then you can find the solution to this question from our website. Experienced teachers who have prepared this solution for you and you can easily go to the bottom of our website and see the solution if you want. So those who come out of the test center and think that the answer to that question is correct and what the answer to that question may be, they can look at the answer to that question now and be sure.

Note that the examination of B unit of Dhaka University is being held on 2nd October. This test is going to be held at 11 am. So by giving a good test and even after giving a good test, you are doubting whether your result or merit list can be included in the list. They can be very sure by checking the answer of the question from our website.

DU B Unit Admission Question Answer

Dhaka University is a renowned educational institution in the East. This educational institution was established in 1921 during the British rule and still stands proudly in Dhaka city. Thousands of students graduate from this university every year. Known as the Oxford of the East, this educational institution has many experienced and PhD teachers and has books by many authors from the archeological period to the present. So Dhaka University will be a suitable place for those who have come out in search of knowledge.

Dhaka University has a higher number of contestants every year than other universities. Students who have passed the humanities department from all over the country apply to study in B unit of Dhaka University. In the current 2022 admission test, 20 students will fight for each seat. So you have to work hard and take part in the test to secure your seat.

DU Question Solution 2022

Dhaka University Question Solution 2022

Since the exam is already over and many may have been able to answer correctly by looking at the exam question papers and many may not have been, there is confusion in their minds for many to answer different questions. To clear up this confusion, a person or an applicant can easily see the answer to the question. Moreover, the English and general knowledge questions in the B unit exams are relatively difficult and many students have given wrong answers.


However, many have answered many questions based on their own experiences and ideas. So maybe in that B unit exam you want to know if you have answered the question paper that was given for the exam correctly. For that purpose, our website has provided solutions to all the questions of the B unit examination.

A suitable unit for students who have passed the humanities department at SSC and HSC level is Unit B of Dhaka University. Here you will have the opportunity to graduate in English, Bengali, Economics, Mythology, History, History of Islam, Linguistics, etc. Moreover, a significant aspect of B unit is law. So good luck to those of you who have worked hard for Unit B and got good results in the exams.

Correct Answer of Todays DU Admission Test Exam

And those who think that the answer to your question may be a bit wrong, they can feel free to look at the solution of the question from our website and count the numbers themselves to understand whether you will have a chance or not. If you have less chance of getting here then you have to try for the next university admission. Before that, first of all, you can see the solution of the admission test question paper of Dhaka University’s B unit held in 2022 from our website.

১. ‘ব্যর্থ” শব্দের সন্ধি-বিচেছদ হলাে – ক. বি + অর্থ

২. A cat in gloves catches no mice’-এর সমার্থক বাংলা প্রবাদ – গ. সােজা আঙ্গুলে ঘি ওঠে না

৫. ‘জাদু’ শব্দটি যে ভাষার – খ. ফারসি

১০. সিরাজউদ্দৌলা নাটকে ‘স্ট্যান্ডিং লাইক পিলার্স’ বলতে বােঝানাে হয়েছে – খ. নবাবের সৈন্যদের

১২. ‘চক্ষুর দ্বারা গৃহীত’-এর এক কথায় প্রকাশিত রূপ – গ. গোচর

১৪. ‘মানুষ স্বার্থের জন্য অন্ধ হয়ে যায়। যে রচনার উদ্ধৃতি – গ. বায়ান্নর দিনগুলাে



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