DU Admission Circular 2021 PDF - Dhaka University All Unit Admission Notice 2021

DU Admission Circular 2023 PDF Download – Dhaka University All Unit Admission Notice 2023

DU Admission Circular 2023 PDF – Dhaka University All Unit Admission Notice 2023. Dhaka University (DU) has published an admission circular for the purpose of admission of students in the academic year 2022-23. Those who want to download the admission notification can easily download it from our website.

You can find out the details by downloading and reading the admission notification. There are many students admitted to Dhaka University this year, for whom I think this admission notification will be very necessary.


Dhaka University Admission Notice 2023

We have published the information of this admission notification on our website through proper evaluation of an important subject like Dhaka University Admission Test. Students who want to get admission notification or parents who want to download it and use it for their child can download it.

This year’s exams will not be held in the same way as the exams are held every year at Dhaka University. However, although various decisions have been taken, the decision has not been made yet.

However, the information given in the notification is completely correct. Based on this information, Dhaka University can admit students or complete the admission process online.

DU Admission Circular 2022-23

Dhaka University is a dream university for students as always. Dhaka University was the first to be established in Bangladesh. Students get the opportunity to get admission in the educational institution called Dhaka University through competition every year. Millions of students competed against nearly five thousand seats.

However, all the hardworking and skilled students get the opportunity to study in the educational institution. The four units of the educational institution have the opportunity to admit 5 to 6 thousand students. Unit “A” for students of Science Department, “B” for students of Humanities Department, “C” unit for students of Commerce Department and “D” for students of all departments of Dhaka University.

Dhaka University Admission Requirements

It can be discussed from the past admission rules that the Dhaka University examination was held at 200 marks. There a student’s position is determined based on the GPA. But this year there have been some changes in the examination system of students. Students are confused because of the different types of announcements made at different times.

Many times it is announced that the test will be taken online, again many times it is announced that the test will be taken online. So how to take the exam, how many marks will be taken and how many marks have been fixed on GPA, you can know the details of the admission notification that has been published through the combined efforts of Dhaka University.

Dhaka University Admission 2023-22

Read the admission notification carefully to ensure the admission of all the students who will be admitted in the first year of Dhaka University 2022-23 academic year.