DSHE Office Shohayok Question Solution 2021 Office Assistant Post Exam September 24

DSHE Office Sohayok Question Solution 2023 Office Assistant Post Exam

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DSHE Office Assistant Question Solution 2023

In 2023 a circular was issued from the National Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. A large type of recruitment notice is issued in the circular and the authority calls for online application for the post of office assistant. On that basis, about 3 lakh 81 thousand candidates from all over the country applied for this post. On the basis of the application, the examination is held on 24th September at different centers of Dhaka city at 3 pm. Candidates from different parts of the country participate in this test and they complete their test smoothly.

DSHE Office Shohayok Question Solution

Many are optimistic about this test. Because the question is easy for many and difficult for many. Those who find the preparation easy and answer all the questions correctly are much more likely to survive. So if you have any misconceptions or confusion about any of the questions in your exam, you can take a look at DSHE’s officer position question solution now.

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The circular issued by the National Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in 2023 will recruit a large number of people for the post of officer. According to the circular, candidates from all districts of Bangladesh can apply for the post of office assistant in 1932 seats. They complete that application online and complete their payment online.

Those tests are going to be held after a long time and the tests were held on September 24 at 3 pm in a total of 233 centers in Dhaka city. In order to be tested in different centers of Dhaka city, the students come to the test center at the right time and they participate in the test by following the proper rules. A total of 80 marks were given in the test.

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Directorate Of Secondary & Higher Education Office Sohayok MCQ Question Solution

This question is in short form. In other words, 1 mark should be written in short form to answer the question. However, although the number of applicants is 3 lakh 81 thousand, almost half of the students could not attend the examination. However, there will be fierce competition among those who have attended. Because from personal point of view, many people have done well in this test on October 24 at 3 pm and many are hopeful that they will survive.

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If you are confused about the answer to a question and if you think that the question will reduce your number, then you can take a look at the solution of the office assistant position question 2023 from our website. We have already given you all the directions in the huge notice of DSHE. Keep an eye on our website if you want to get the results of the office assistant position later. Good luck to everyone who passed the test.

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