Dinajpur Zilla School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Dinajpur Zilla School is a reputed and ancient educational institution in Dinajpur. This educational institution is one of the best educational institutions in Dinajpur. The location of the educational institution is adjacent to the Sadar Hospital in Dinajpur.

This educational institution is under the jurisdiction of Dinajpur Board. Akhtara Parveen, the headmistress of the educational institution, has been faithfully performing her duties. Students from third to tenth class can study in this educational institution.

At present the number of students in the educational institution is about 1600. The educational institution has a library, hostel and various co-educational activities. Many talented children of Bangladesh have studied in this educational institution. Among them Ainun Nishat, ATM Afzal, Md. Anwarul Azim, Rampran Gupta and others. Moreover, the educational institution has an open playground, mosque, pond, laboratory, etc., due to the variety of facilities, every year students create a fierce competition for admission in this educational institution.

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The Minister of Education of the Government of Bangladesh, Dr. Dipu Moni, considering the current situation, has taken an exceptional initiative without taking direct examinations. He is concerned enough about the health risks of the students.

So students will not be evaluated through exams this year so that they can stay safe. Students will submit their admission form online and pay the money to their desired educational institution.

According to the announcement of the Minister of Education, the application for admission in Dinajpur Zilla School has started from 15 to 26 December and according to that application on 30th December, the list of students who will get the opportunity to study in the educational institution through lottery will be published. Moreover, the price of the admission form of this educational institution is 110 taka.

120 students of third class and 12 students of sixth class will get the opportunity to get admission in the vacant seats of this educational institution. This measure has been taken through lottery as there is no proper evaluation with the test. And in this case the students have no choice but to remember the only creator.

According to the application of the students, a lottery was arranged on the 30th at Dinajpur Zilla School. The educational institution has published a list of names of students who have been given the opportunity to study in the educational institution along with other teachers and committee members.

You will find the list of names of the students who applied to study in Dinajpur Zilla School on our website in the form of PDF file. You can easily download the completely free PDF file from our website. Stay tuned to our website to get all the information related to education.

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