Chittagong City Govt Girls High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Chittagong City Government Girls High School is a reputed and reputed institution in Chittagong. Every year a large number of students from all over the country have taken their education through this educational institution and are achieving satisfactory results. In addition to the educational system of the educational institution, there are also extra-curricular activities.

For girls there are play arrangements, distributor arrangements, foreign language education, handicraft arrangements etc. The main purpose of the educational institution is not to teach the students in the formal education but to teach them in a way that is useful in real life.

Every year many students apply for admission in this educational institution and only deserving students get the opportunity to study. Chittagong City Girls High School is an advanced educational institution. The teachers here teach the students by their skills.

This educational institution was started in 1974 and taught from fifth to tenth class. It was started in 2009 in a branch called Prabhati Shakha. At present the number of teachers in the educational institution is 26 and at present 1500 students are studying in the educational institution. Like every year, this year too, online admission of students has been arranged in this educational institution.

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Chittagong City Government Girls High School Admission Circular 2023 PDF Download

The current world is going through an extreme misery. The coronavirus that started in 2019 is still running. That is why the students are spending their days in their respective homes in temporary captivity. Because today’s children are the future of tomorrow. If today’s children are pushed to school and the outbreak of the Karna virus continues to grow, the next generation will be in dire straits.

The Hon’ble Minister of Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has suspended the education system of the educational institutions. But as the academic year draws to a close, the education minister has decided to select students through a lottery, not an examination, in every government educational institution.

Chittagong City Government Girls High School Admission Lottery Result 2023 PDF Download

Students will pick up their forms online between 15 and 27 December and submit them online to their desired educational institution. The results will be released on December 30, the education minister said. Although not being properly evaluated through exams is a great initiative to keep students away from public gatherings.

The students who had applied for admission in Chittagong City Government Girls High School have been selected on the basis of their admission applications through lottery on the 30th. The educational institution has published a list of the names of the students who have got the opportunity to study in this educational institution.

চট্টগ্রাম সিটি সরকারী বালিকা উচ্চ বিদ্যালয় ভর্তি পরীক্ষার লটারি রেজাল্ট ডাউনলোড, এডমিশন টেস্ট লটারি রেজাল্ট তৃতীয়, ষষ্ঠ, নবম শ্রেণী এডমিশন রেজাল্ট সকল ক্লাসের এডমিশন।

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