Borzah Yankey Country, Age, Profession, Income & Net Worth

Have you ever seen the smiling face of Borzah Yankey? He is very popular in Facebook, Instagram TikTok, YouTube. He always appears in videos with smiling face full of teeth. People are searching in the internet for his biography.

Are you one of them who looking for Borzah Yankey Country, Age, Education, Income and Education? Then this article is written for you. By reading this article you will be able to learn Borzah Yankey biography.

Who is Borzah Yankey

Borzah Yankey is a University student who is studying at a Canadian University. He is by born an African. But he grew up in Canada.

He is famous for his black colour and white teeth. He is always in smiling face. His mind blowing smiling face attracts Million viewers.

Probably you want to know how he has managed to learn Bengali language. He has not learn Bangla from any YouTube channel. He has a friend from Bangladesh when he was studying at diploma courses.

That time he learn small sentences in Bangla accent. From then he posted very short videos on YouTube, tik Tok, Facebook and WhatsApp. Within a very short time he become viral in social platforms.

Now he has millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Download & Install Tiktok to Catch him

You can easily catch him on tik Tok by using this application. In order to do that you must have download and install tiktok application on your Android device. Now we are going to show you how to download and install tik Tok from Google Play Store.

First you have to visit Google Play Store.

Then search by Tiktok on the top of Google Play Store.

Now click the very first Link from the search result page.

Then you need to click on download button below the application logo.

You may be asked to provide permission to the app so that it can be installed on your Android device.

Now create an Tiktok account.

The process of creating Tiktok account is very easy.

Now we are going to show you the country information of Borzah Yankey.

Borzah Yankey Country

We have already talked that he gives up in Canada. But he was born in South Africa. His colour identifies his country.

Borzah Yankey Religion

Borzah Yankey is Christian. He is very religious. He follows the rules and regulation of his religion. And most importantly practices religious activities with his family.

Borzah Yankey Age

He was born in 1994. According to is birth year, he is now 25 years old.

Borzah Yankey Education

Recently he has completed his college education and get admitted into University in Canada. He read in a Canadian High School. He is a meritorious student. With a Bangladeshi student he has completed his diploma courses.

Did Borzah Yankey Died

A few days ago rumor spread out in social media that Borzah Yankey has died. But it is completely false news. He is still alive and creating videos everyday.

Borzah Yankey Not Smiling

As he is a smiling person, people are looking for his silent picture. That means the pics on that he is not smiling. So if you are looking for his not laughing photo then you can easily collect that from this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about him? Then read this frequently asked questions section. We have tried our best to provide some frequently asked questions about Borzah Yankey.

Question: বোরজা ইয়াঙ্কি কে?

Answer: A Canadian University student who is very popular in social media for posting videos in funny topic with smiling face.

Question: বোরজা ইয়াঙ্কি কোন দেশের নাগরিক?

Answer: বোরজা ইয়াঙ্কি আফ্রিকান বংশোদ্ভূত নাগরিক। তিনি বর্তমানে কানাডায় বাস করছেন।

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