Digital Birth Certificate Online Copy Download 2022

Digital Birth Certificate Online Copy Download 2022

Collecting birth registration certificate information from online is now possible for anyone. If you want to download birth registration certificate from online and if you want to know the correct rules for it, then by continuing this post on our website, you will understand where to go and how to collect birth certificate online. Since the birth certificate reveals the unique identity of each person, when you can download this birth certificate, you will see that all your information has been recorded online.

So the process of downloading Birth Registration Certificate has been discussed on our website and those of you who want to do it intentionally, then you can go to the official website by using the link given below our website and download the Birth Registration Certificate from there. Are you a citizen of Bangladesh and do you have a birth registration certificate?

You can view this information online if you have created a birth registration certificate online or have completed all the formalities for creating your birth registration certificate from the local government department. Every piece of birth registration information is still available online and to view this information you need to follow certain rules.

And for those of you who are going to download a copy of Birth Registration Certificate online, I would like to say that you can look at this copy instead of downloading it and save it in your gallery with screenshots if you want.

However, it is very important to have the information of birth registration certificate available online and through this you can check whether every information of your birth registration certificate matches with the original copy in your hand. So to verify your birth registration certificate you will enter its official website and the address of the official website is

When you use this address you will go directly to the page of the official website to check the birth registration certificate and there you will first fill in the 17 digit full number of the birth registration certificate. Then go down and take all the information about the date of birth registration certificate from the calendar after giving it correctly and there you will solve the math problem that you can see and put the correct answer.

Then when you click on the search option you will be taken to the next page and if each of your information is correct and you have this online option then you can check your personal information and original copy of birth registration certificate in the next page.