43rd BCS Preliminary Analysis | All You Need to Know

Do you have any plan for participating in the 43rd BCS Preliminary? Majority of graduated students desire for BCS. It is the most prestigious job in Bangladesh. Have you any idea about BPSC BCS Preliminary examination system? If you don’t have any knowledge on it, then you are requested to read this article.

43rd bcs preliminary analysis has been analysed by BPSC. We have collected all the information you need to know for upcoming 43rd BCS Preliminary Exam. In this article we discuss various things related to 43rd BCS Preliminary examination.

BCS Preliminary Analysis

Before taking preparation for BCS preliminary, you should analysis previous year question and examination system closely. That’s why we are writing this article for your help.

43rd BCS Preliminary Preparation

BCS Candidates feel tensed when they look at the BCS Syllabus. That is because, the BCS Syllabus is huge. It it quite impossible for a student to cover the BCS Syllabus. In my opinion, it is important to just read the important ones rather than real all the topics of the BCS preliminaries.

Are you thinking of taking preparation for the upcoming BCS Preliminary exam? Have you decided what you read and what you won’t read? Don’t think yet! Then, it’s the time of thinking about it.

Before you start preparing for the BCS Preliminary, do not decide what to read but first decide what to skip. This process will help you making a good BCS timetable for you. With this process, your BCS syllabus will be much smaller. Then, the BCS syllabus will not be felt like as huge as oceans. And finally it will be good to read.

Now, we will share experience of 35th BCS Cadre regarding BCS Preparation.

According to some BCS Cadre, if you read important things over and over again, you will not be confused when you have to answer the test. And if you read all the things without a plan, then you can not think anything in the exam hall. Moreover, you will just getting confused about what is right and what is wrong.

Therefore, you may noticed that out of the 20 questions in each BCS preliminary, 3-5 questions come from the most common topic and those questions are not correctly answered by everyone.

The main reason for this is students are not going to answer wrong. So, you have to decide during your BCS preparation about the important and less important subjects.

But have you thought that if the common questions can be answered correctly, then Preliminary can be easily passed! Yes. Because, you don’t need to get number one in the BCS preliminary exam. That’s why we suggest you to be careful about Safe Marks. It is good to remain safe in the examination rather than becoming 1st in the BCS exam.

He added that, after giving 5th BCS preliminary, many people said that the question was much simpler. But during the result, the main matter is found. They have not even passed the Preliminary. Being selected for BCS preliminary is very far!

The reason behind this are many. They have answered wrong to the very easy questions.

So, you should exclude less important topics. Moreover read the more important topics and keep your head cool and give the BCS Preliminary test.

In this way, if you read according to the regular plan, you will succeed. So instead of reading too much stuff, just read the important things over and over again.