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BBS MCQ Question Solution 2023 Today Download

Our website provides solutions to the questions of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) office assistant examination. For all the candidates from all over the country who participated in the BBS office assistant examination, the solution has been prepared by collecting question papers after the examination on our website. Those of you who have participated in the test can see the solution to the question initially.

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics Question Solution 2023

Because by looking at the solution of the question, you can be very sure and you will also know how many marks you can get in the exam. So go to the bottom of our website and from there see the solution to the question of office assistant post held on 22nd by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics is an important department in Bangladesh. Various important functions are held under this department. So the Bureau of Statistics issued a recruitment circular in 2020 to increase manpower. The recruitment circular said that 715 manpower would be recruited for a total of 21 categories. So many candidates from all over Bangladesh complete the application process online. However, due to the situation in the country is not normal, there has been some delay in taking the test.

BBC Question Solution of October 22, 2023

As the corona situation of the country came under control, the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics conducted the test in different departments. About 53,000 candidates from all over Bangladesh participated in today’s exam which was held in different centers of Dhaka city.

Candidates from different parts of the country are stationed in Dhaka to conduct this test. The test was conducted at a total of 35 centers in Dhaka city on Friday, October 22 at 10 am. The test takers are already present at the test center and they enter the test center following the hygiene rules.

The test is taken properly and the examinees have to answer the written question number 80. Candidates’ participation in this one-hour test was very normal. However, many people could not answer the question because many of the answers seemed confusing. Moreover, many have come up with wrong answers that they can find out from the test center.

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So for the purpose of the examinees we have come up with the solution of the exam held on our website. Once you see the solution to this test question, you will understand how your test went and how many marks you can get yourself. Usually we deal with all the competitive exam questions.

So for all the candidates who have participated in the exam and passed the exam well and think that they can be nominated for the mentioned position, good luck from our website. Moreover, no matter who you are with the test, take a look at the solution to the question and make sure. I wish you success in appointing office assistant posts under Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.