Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Draw Result 2021

BB Prize Bond Draw 2023 Bangladesh Bank Price Bond Result

You can easily know Bangladesh Bank Price Bond Result 2023 from our website. Recently, the result of Bangladesh Bank Price Bond Draw has been given on our website. So if you are interested to see the result of Bangladesh Bank’s prize bond, go to the bottom of our website and see the results from there.


BD Prize Bond Draw 2023

As always, a total of 46 awards have been given in five categories. So if you have one or more prize bonds in your collection, then you can see the series number of that prize bond and match the mentioned results. And if your luck is good then you can get the desired prize of Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond.

Bangladesh Bank has introduced the system of prize bond for a long time. The lottery is held every three months through prize bonds. As a result, a person can buy one or more prize bonds and keep them in the collection and when there is a draw, the result can be matched with it and get the desired prize. Last year, many people in Bangladesh were able to win prizes through the prize bond lottery.

100 Taka Prize Bond Draw 2023

Moreover, anyone can leave this prize bond at home and get the result if the luck is good at the specified time. So if you are interested in this, you can buy a prize bond and keep it in the collection. This way you can withdraw money at any time by depositing it in the prize bond bank and if you want, you can deposit it and watch the lottery match and get the desired prize.

It is commonly seen that lottery tickets are sold for taka 10 on the streets and prizes of taka 30 lakh are announced. Many foolish people are tempted to buy lottery tickets and in the end they get nothing. Many people do not know whether any person gets it at all.

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However, the lottery through prize bond initiated by Bangladesh Bank is undoubtedly a trustworthy initiative. If you buy the priceless banks under Bangladesh Bank, your money will not be lost in any way. If you need to go to the bank and deposit the prize bond, the bank will be obliged to return the same amount to you.

105 Prize Bond Draw 2023 Bangladesh

In the prize bond lottery which is held every three months under Bangladesh Bank, a total of 46 prizes are given in three categories. If you want to match your number in this lottery, wait patiently.

Bangladesh Bank issues prize bond numbers in a total of 65 series to the customers through the bank. That’s why you can buy prize bonds from any bank or post office at your convenience with the same amount of money.

The prize bond lottery is held in January, April, August and December of the year. Bangladesh Bank conducts this lottery on its own initiative. The winner of the first prize gets Taka 6 lakh.

Prize Bond Draw 2023 Schedule Bangladesh

The second prize winner gets 3 lakh 25 thousand rupees. As the third prize, two people get one lakh rupees. And as the fourth prize, two people get 50 thousand rupees and a total of 1 lakh rupees. Moreover 40 more prizes are given to the customers. A total of 40 people were paid taka 10,000 separately.

I think many of you have got a detailed idea about price bonds through this post. If you want to know more about this, please let us know in the comments box. Moreover, see the results of the lottery of the prize bond draw held in 2023 from our website. We will inform you about the results of all the prize bond draws held under Bangladesh Bank.