Netrokona Anjuman Adarsha Govt High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Anjuman Adarsh ​​Government High School is one of the educational institutions in Netrokona district of Mymensingh division. This educational institution is located at Netrokona Sadar. This educational institution was established in 1914 AD. The educational system of the educational institution is being run by 50 other teachers under the supervision of the head teacher.

Sixth to tenth class students study in this educational institution. At present the number of students in the educational institution is 1400. Anjuman Adarsh ​​Government High School belongs to Mymensingh Board of Education. Two branches have been arranged in this educational institution so that the students can study in a beautiful way.

Moreover, the educational institution has a poor fund through which students get the opportunity to study without pay or half pay. The motto of this educational institution is “O Lord, give me knowledge”. Apart from formal education, there are various co-educational activities conducted in the educational institution due to which the educational institution is known as one of the best educational institutions in Mymensingh division.

Students are given the opportunity to study in the educational institution through the admission test every year. Like every year, 2021 academic year publishes a notification for admission in this educational institution.

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Due to the global epidemic of coronavirus in the current world, the teaching system of every educational institution has been suspended. Dipu Moni, the Education Minister of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, has decided that this year, as every year, students will be able to apply for admission online so that the students do not fall prey to the corona virus.

But there will be no tests this year. A lottery will be arranged in the institution based on the names of the students who will apply to Anjuman Adarsh ​​Government High School. All the students whose names will be picked up by random selection will get the opportunity to study in the educational institution.

That is why Anjuman Adarsh ​​Government High School has accepted applications for admission from 15th to 26th December. The cost of admission application in this educational institution has to be paid through Teletalk pre-paid of 110 rupees.

The educational institution organizes a lottery based on the names of the students who applied for Anjuman Adarsh ​​Government High School. Educational institutions publish the names of those whose names have been raised.

If you want to download the list of students who got the opportunity in Anjuman Adarsh ​​Government High School, you can go to our website and click on the download option. On our website you can easily download the list of those names in PDF file format. We are with you to update all the information related to education.

Netrokona Anjuman Adarsha ​​Govt High School Admission Lottery Result 2021 PDF Download

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