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All Result BD is the top educational website in Bangladesh. The website launched in 2013 and remain ranked in top places for many years. This website has many article ranked in top 3 position in Google search result.

This article is all about all result BD. Read this article to learn about it and various results published by this website.

This is such a website that, every student of Bangladesh know about this. This website name is very easy to memorize. It has good reputation for providing various result in Bangladesh.

All type of results are published by All Result BD. You can collect PSC result, jsc result, JSC result, HSC result, Degree result, Honours result & University Admission result.

We will discuss how to collect result from this website.

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PSC Result 2023 JSC Result 2023
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All Result BD

According to a list published by Wikipedia, all result BD is the largest educational website in Bangladesh. It is on the top for more than 5 years. It is offering quality education to Bangladeshi students reading in all classes.

Therefore it has gained popularity among parents. Moreover they advise their children to follow the website for any information regarding education.

There are some reasons behind it. The website admin is an educated person and very caring to students. Therefore the website has a Facebook group of more than 300000 members. It communicate with students through that Facebook group.

On the contrary, official result BD is a website advised by the admin of all result BD. Though official result BD is a new website, it is trying to serve educational information to Bangladeshi people.

According to a statement by official result BD, they have just created a Facebook group. It is open for all. So if you want to join there you can join now.

All Result BD PSC Result 2023

You know that psc examination is going on. The exam started from November 17, 2023. And the very first examination is Bangla.

PSC result is usually published on December 25. But this year, the result will be published on December 31, one day before the last year.


Official Result BD has created opportunity for students for collecting PSC result for many years. Last year a very shocking event happened to it during PSC result.

Accidentally some bad people attacked this website and it got down. But expert support team of all result BD has recovered the problem within a short period.

Now come to the main point. You can easily check PSC result from this website. Click here to check your PSC result 2023 now.

PSC Result 2023 Download Link: PSC Result

PSC Result 2023 Marksheet Download Link: PSC Result Marksheet

All Result BD JSC Result 2023

JSC is mostly known by Junior school certificate. Every year the examination is taken by Bangladesh education ministry and Mass Education Department.

This is the class 8 final examination and if a student pass this exam, only then he will get chance to get admitted in class 9. And the students who get good marks in JSC exam will permitted to take admission into science group.

So JSC examination is very much important for all student and nobody can deny this.

You know that jsc examination was started from November 2, 2023. And this year more than 26,00,000 student have taken part in the examination. Among them 66,000 students were absent in this examination.

The Junior school certificate result will be announced after two month later from the exam start date. So it is assumed that the result will be published on December 24, 2023.

This is a true fact about
Junior School Certificate examination result is usually published in the month of December. The PSC Result & JSC Result is scheduled to publish on December 24, 2023.

It is expected that Prime Minister of Bangladesh will declared the result. Education Minister handed over the result to the prime minister in the morning.

All Result BD is ready to publish the result. They have embedded result checking method on their website. It is very helpful for students.

As Education Board Result website will most probably remain down during result. So, it is helping in this respect.

You can easily check your JSC Result 2023 from here.

JSC Result 2023 Download Link: JSC Result

JSC Result 2023 Marksheet Download Link: JSC Result Marksheet

How to Check the Junior school certificate(JSC) Result?
Do you know how to check Junior school certificate examination result? The process is very simple. Click this link to learn how to check this Junior school certificate result 2023.

Please stay with us and we will show you the result.

To check your jsc result from all result BD, you have to visit all result bd. For visiting the website you have to type in your internet browser address bar. That website will loaded faster.

Then you would find many article published at the website. From thousands of article you have to select “JSC result 2023”.

Open the page JSC result 2023 appear, you have to input your roll and registration number. But before that you have to select your education board and examination year which is 2023.

All Result BD Degree Result 2023

Degree is a examination taken by National University of Bangladesh. You know that there are three year to complete degree courses. They are known as degree first year, degree second year and degree third year(Degree final year).

All Result BD Degree Result 2019

All Result BD published all three year degree examination result on its website. The process is very simple for checking degree result from all result bd.

We will discuss elaborately the process and teach you how to get the result from this website. Check your NU Result from here: NU Result

Degree 1st Year Result 2023:

Degree 1st year result is easily announced by National University of Bangladesh. And this website has the right to announce the result too.

They have embedded result checking code of National University in iframe. So anyone can check their degree first year examination result for all session from this website very easily.

Are you looking for National University degree first year examination result, then you can check the result from here. Degree 1st year result can also be checked by sending mobile SMS. The SMS format of checking the result will be provided here.

Degree 2nd Year Result 2023:

Degree 2nd year result 2023 is one of the best service all result BD offers for students. This is the second year examination result of degree courses run by National University.

Every year thousands of student pass degree 2nd year and get admitted in degree 3rd year. Degree 3rd year is known by Degree final year. Some people say it degree last year.

Do you know how to check degree second year pass result from all result BD? It is very easy and majority of degree students know how to check the result. But some of the student are too weak to check the result themselves.

To help the weak student, it is our great initiative. It is because they can check the result if they read this article. So please read this article to know how to check degree second year result from this website.

All Result BD Honours Result 2023

Honours is the most prestigious courses run by National University. There are four major exams in this course. They are known as Year, like Honours 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year.
All result BD publishers all type of Honours result 2023 on their website.

Education Board Result

Education Board result is the largest educational website in Bangladesh. It Publishes all type of exam result. You can collect any of your public exam result from this website.

Education Board result is launched by Bangladesh government. ICT Division of Bangladesh government maintain this website.

It started its operation in 2004. From then it is providing public exam result to students in Bangladesh.

Conclusion: We hope that you have successfully checked your desired result from All Result BD. Please help us developing services in Education sector of Bangladesh. You can contribute to our services by letting us know about our lacking. We will try our best to upgrade our Educational services in Bangladesh.

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