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Alim Syllabus 2023 PDF Download Link All Subjects

Everyone who is going to participate in the Alim Examination 2023 knows that the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board has published a short syllabus for you. Candidates who are going to participate in the Alim Examination 2023 but have not yet collected and studied the syllabus can collect the syllabus from our website today.

Then you can easily read all the chapters in the syllabus and mention important topics if you want and you can get good results in the exam. So for those who have not yet got the short syllabus in hand, go to the bottom of our website now and collect the short syllabus of 2023 Alim Exam from there.

Madrasa Education Board Short Syllabus

The Madrasa Board of Education of Bangladesh has published a short syllabus of Alim candidates on 5 February 2023. There is special importance behind formulating a short syllabus. Because if an examinee is asked to participate in an exam without a classroom class, that examinee will never be able to write anything. In this case, the examinee will definitely fail.

So after opening the educational institution after a long time, if the students are asked to participate in the exam and if he fails then they will waste a long time along with bad results in the exam. Therefore, considering all the aspects, Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board formulated a short syllabus for the Alim candidates. They have been given a long time to prepare a short syllabus and if they have already started studying the important chapter topic of the short syllabus then it will be possible to take full preparation before the exam.

Alim Short Syllabus 2023

Under the Bangladesh Madrasa Board of Education, Alim examinations are conducted on a regular basis every year. But in 2020 and 21, everything in the country came to a standstill due to the Corona situation. Considering the health risks of the Alim examinees, everything was put off and considering the students, it was decided to take the exam even though they were promised an auto bus. According to that decision, the Alim examination will start shortly after 2023. So I hope everyone will be able to get good results if you concentrate on your studies and follow the short syllabus instead of the way the examinees have wasted their time so far.

As a student, you should learn every subject as well as you should do well. Moreover, the number of students with good results in present day Bangladesh has increased a lot and due to this there is a lot of competition in the admission test in different universities. Moreover, all the contents of the short syllabus that have been included in the Alim exam will be useful to you in the next class and these will serve as your basics.

PDF Download Links

The Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board had earlier published the results for the Alim Examination 2023, but many candidates did not get it or could not collect it. Now if students get that syllabus in hand then they will be able to properly prepare for every important chapter of the syllabus before the exam. So download the syllabus and all the subjects mentioned in the syllabus will be examined and the examination will be held on the prescribed topic.


To test a specific topic, you can turn off the PDF file version of the syllabus on your mobile phone and open it when needed and start preparing for those scheduled chapters. All the 2023 Alem examinees who are regular and irregular will follow this syllabus. Moreover, those who did badly in last year’s Alim exam and will take the exam for quality improvement this year will follow and a question paper will be prepared on top of this syllabus. I wish you a good opinion in Alim Exam 2023.

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