Alim Routine 2021 PDF Download Madrasah Education Board

Alim Routine 2022 PDF Download Madrasah Education Board

Candidates who are looking for 2022 Alim Exam Routine can collect the routine from our website. The Alim Exam Routine to be held in 2022 has been published on 3rd October. So as a test taker, you should first download the routine and prepare yourself for the upcoming test on how to prepare yourself for the test. You are also going to participate in this exam of 2022.

First of all, go to our website and collect the routine of Alim exam 2022 from there. If you do not understand any information about the routine, let us know in the comments on our website and we will explain it to you very soon.

Alim Exam Routine 2022 Madrasah Board

Although the Alim exam is held on time every year in Bangladesh, it has been delayed for some time in 2022. Because the educational institution was closed for a long time, it was not possible to teach in the classroom. So it was decided to take this test soon after the opening of the educational institution. The examination schedule is then announced on the scheduled day based on the students ’lesson system. Those of you who want to take part in the Alim exam should know very well that this exam is going to be held on December 2, 2022.

Exams will be held on some of the subjects you have scheduled and the exams will end on 19th December. During this time you need to prepare for the exam. Because if you take the exam without preparing for the exam, you will not be able to get a very good result and it will be a loss for you.

So every student should first look at the routine and prepare for the exam according to this routine. When you know that the subject of your first test on December 2 is the Quran Majeed, then you will start preparing for that subject at least a few days in advance. Then you have to keep in mind to prepare for the next exam knowing that the next exam will be held on the 6th.

HSC Alim Examination Routine 2022

When I go to prepare for each exam, you will know on what date that exam is going to be held and how long you are getting time for other exams. So every student does not see the routine as soon as the routine is published and plans according to the routine how to get good results in the exam.

The Alim exam schedule in 2022 mentions that this exam will be 1 hour 30 minutes. That means the 2022 Alim exam will start at 10 am and end at 11:30. Within these one and a half hours the students will participate in the subjects mentioned in their routine on the scheduled day of the exam. However, the fact that there is an empty cell next to the published date and day of the routine and there is a cross mark in the empty cell, means that you do not have any test at that time of the day. Well, all the exams that you will have will start at ten in the morning and will end.

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You will follow the special instructions in the test routine. You will be present at the test center before the test starts. This means that you will be present at the test center by 9:30 am and at 9:45 am you will be given the answer sheet. Moreover, in the Alim examination of 2022, first many selection examinations will be held. Later, creative or compositional examination will be held.


Therefore, you will participate in the examination on the scheduled day and will complete the examination in accordance with the proper hygiene rules by appearing at the examination center with their respective registration cards and admission cards. If you have any questions about the 2022 Alim exam, please let us know by commenting on our website.