46 Befaq Routine 2023 PDF Download by Bangladesh Qawmi Madrasah

46 Befaq Routine 2023 has been declared by the board authority. PDF examination routine is ready to be Downloaded by Bangladesh Qawmi Madrasah. And finally the examination routine is available on the website.

Separated routine for boys and girls has been declared. The routine can be collected from our website in image picture and PDF format.

Befaq Routine for Boys:

There are thousands of boys reading in Madrasah background in Bangladesh. Their final examination is going to be held in 2023. On February 15, final examination schedule has been announced.

When we downloaded the PDF file we clearly see that there is two part of that routine. For your good experience on our website we have separated the routine for boys and girls.

From this section of this article you can get 46th Befaq examination 2023 routine for boys.

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Befaq Routine for Girls:

And there is also another exam schedule for girls who read in Bangladesh Qawmi Madrasah. From this section you can download Befaq Routine for girls.

Girls has good involvement in Quran study. So if you wish then you can download the routine from below.

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Befaqul Madarishil Arabia Bangladesh Exam Routine 2023:

Befaqul Madarishil Arabia Bangladesh is the only education board for holding Befaq examination. Befaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh (Bengali: বেফাকুল মাদারিসিল আরাবিয়া বাংলাদেশ, Arabic: وفاق المدارس العربية بنغلاديش‎) is the largest Qawmi madrasa education board in Bangladesh. it was founded in April, 1978 after a seminar of Islamic scholars. This organization of Qawmi Madrasahs of Bangladesh is also known as the “Befaqul Madaris” (also transliterated as Wafaq ul Madaris). It is an extension of the process that formed the Wafaq ul Madaris Al-Arabia, Pakistan in 1957.

https://wifaqbd.org Routine 2023:

You have to visit this link in order to download the routine. And if there is any change you can collect the revised routine from this link below.

46 Befaq Routine New Update 2023