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16th NTRCA Final Viva Result 2023 Link PDF Download

NTRCA School & College Level Viva Result Download Link

The results of the 16th Teacher Registration Examination have been published today. The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education prepares the results on the basis of the participation and performance of the applicants who participated in the written and oral examinations.

So if you have participated in the NTRCA Sixteenth Teacher Registration Exam, you can see the results of this exam. In a recent notification, NTRCA provided information on the publication of test results.

NTRCA Result 2023

So those of you who took part in the test will be able to find out from the official website of NTRC on October 17 after 10 pm. Moreover, all the candidates who have finally passed the NTRCA Teacher Registration Examination will be informed in a phased manner via SMS.

However, soon after the test results are published, many test takers are interested in knowing their final results and do not rely so much on SMS. In that case you can go to the official website of NTRC and find out the result according to your test roll number.

NTRCA Update News Today 2023

In the Sixteenth Teacher Registration Examination passed in 2019, many candidates passed the written test. About 22,398 participants passed the written test. Then their oral examination was held. One thousand 80 students of the school in two stages participated in this oral examination.

Moreover, 15 thousand 240 students of school level and 3811 students of college level participated in the oral examination and completed the examination.

16th NTRCA Final Viva Result 2023 Link

Those who got the highest marks on the basis of written test and oral test of the applicants have finally survived through the sixteenth teacher registration test. 20131 people participated in this oral test. In other words, about 2,000 of the candidates who passed the written test could not participate in the oral test. However, the final results of 92.15 per cent of the candidates who participated were published with roll numbers.

Therefore, Viva is held regularly for the candidates who have passed the written examination and the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education gives the final results of the examination only after this Viva is held. Moreover, the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority prepared the results and issued a notification with the signature of Mohammad Enamul Quader Khan.

NTRCA School Level Viva Result 2023

And on the basis of this notification, the candidates can see the results of their final examination. So if you want to see these results of NTRC without rushing, go to the above mentioned website or website and go there and you will see the results.

As a result, 18550 candidates have passed the road teacher registration test. Candidates who have participated in this exam for a long time and have worked hard for the exam have achieved this by providing these results today. There must be good wishes from our website for 18,550 people. May your next life be beautiful and comfortable.

NTRCA College Level Viva Result 2023

However, the official website of NTRC is having extra problems due to the arrival of candidates. That’s why you can wait a while. Those who do not know how to go to the official website to see the results can provide your roll number on our website. We will take immediate steps to show you the results.

So if you are not worried about providing NTRC results, pray to the great creator. And be sure to see the results. If any brother or sister wants to share this happy news with us, let us know in the comment box of our website. We will be very happy.

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