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Many people need to collect the original certificate when you have received the provisional certificate after completing various courses under the National University. Therefore, you have to follow various steps to collect the certificate, so today’s post gives you updated information about following the new rules. So if you have completed any course from National University or have completed Degree or Honors and Masters then you must follow the rules to collect original certificate after completing this course. You will complete your application by yourself without using any media or agent and present day National University is working very fast to provide you this certificate within specified time.

Usually after completion of honors or degree course its provisional certificate is issued by the educational institution. But many times it is seen that original certificate is applied for or many people need original certificate as they are going outside the country. While applying we often have to contact the clerks of our respective departments and as per the instructions they give us we wait for about a month after completing the application. But if you need to use it urgently then you must follow the current rules and apply by visiting the website.

In this case, the National University authorities have informed that if you use any media or agent, it will be very harmful for you and you will suffer financially. So if you apply yourself, you will be able to collect this original certificate in a very short period of time, so apply online without going to anyone. At present, the National University authorities require each candidate to issue the original certificate said to use this address. So you can directly go to the official website by entering this address and submit the application form by properly filling all the information and providing that will be asked to go to the official website.

In submitting the application form, you will provide all the institutional information including your examination roll number, registration number and you will provide the correct email addresses starting from the phone number. Apart from this, you will pay according to the payment related matters mentioned there and you must submit your exam marksheet on the website in the form of PDF file or by scanning its original copy. Moreover, according to the notice published by the National University authorities on 3rd, if you can follow each step correctly, then you will not have any trouble in getting the certificate.

Follow the rules of the National University Authority to complete every work and the National University Authority has assured every student in this regard. That means your application is very important to them and they will always work to provide you with this original certificate based on your application when you apply. However, the temporary certificate issued to you must be submitted at the time of accepting the original certificate and the copy of the receipt. If you can read the notice published by the authority then you can easily understand the instructions given there and if you act accordingly it will be easy for you to extract the original certificate.